James Wogan’s private practice is on College Ave., near Zach’s Pizza in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, CA. James has been a therapist in San Francisco, CA, Tokyo, Japan with Child and Adolescent Guidance Services, and in Alameda, CA at Xanthos Inc. and Alameda Family Services Agency.

James was the family therapist addictions counselor on staff at Ross Hospital, a dual-diagnosis chemical dependency 28-Day rehabilitation hospital in Marin, California.

James typically sees teenagers, college students, or families for eight (8) weeks at a time, using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, harm reduction, and mindfulness as the foundations to bring positive change into the lives of children, youth, couples, and families.

After 8 weeks, we reflect and evaluate progress together, then decide if another 6-8 weeks in therapy is needed.

James has worked with very wealthy clients, expat international kids returning from living overseas, as well as families facing hardships and life stressors that impact wellness and healthy relationships.

James is a specialist in ADHD, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, medication monitoring in collaboration with psychiatrist / prescribing physician (MD, PA, NP), divorce, father / child relationships, sibling relationships, gender expression, sexuality, adjustment to college and living away from home, suicide prevention, and assisting youth following inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.

James is licensed in California, LCSW # 22756. He graduated from UC Berkeley (Grad school / MSW PPSC, 2001)

Appointments are currently available on Saturdays.

There is stigma and many misconceptions about how therapy works. Call 925.250.5500 for a free consultation, and to learn if therapy could be helpful.

James Wogan, MFT, LCSW
Child & Family Therapist
5845 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Counseling Office: 510.277.0184

Text / iMessage: 925.250.5500
Email: jameswogan@yahoo.com

James Wogan LCSW