Would you like your children to know what it’s like to make a difference in the lives of two other children who live nearby? The two adorable kids (photos below) are the children of a local mother trying her best to make ends meet.

The Social Emotional Learning curriculum SELFY names giving back, generosity, and compassion as important aspects of emotional wellness. Helping others and giving back does more than raise awareness, it improves the emotional health of our children.

Some ideas : You might take kids, students, or your nephews and nieces shopping, write a card, and send gifts to children in need.

Young children can understand good fortune and why we reach out to help those less fortunate than we are. You can also sit together and order new items on http://www.Amazon.com, such as children’s clothes that fit, or a pair of shoes for school.



Begin forwarded message:

From: Wogan Date: July 2019 Re: Homeless Children & Foster Youth

This is from a Bay Area mother named Nakía, shared with permission.

Nakía grew up in foster care group homes in Concord, CA. We are trying to help her lift her family out of poverty.

“My boy Ta’noa is a 4t and a size 8 in shoes. My daughter Ah’nesty is a size 6, and 11 in shoes. Anything helps. Thank you so much. You’re a blessing.”

Shared with permission, photos of beautiful children. Nakía recently got a new job as a home health assistant for the elderly and people with disabilities. She loves her new job. She mentioned that having disabilities herself, and growing up in foster care, helps her to be patient and kind with her clients.

Nakía also mentioned that she needs clothes (shirt Women’s L) and sneakers sensible shoes 👞 (size 10) for work.

Second-hand items are not accepted.

Thank you.

You can PayPal: jameswogan@yahoo.com

Please remember that James is no longer affiliated with a nonprofit, these are children who my wife and I support privately. We don’t offer a receipt for tax purposes.

James Wogan, LCSW



Email from my dentist.

On Jul 24, 2019, at 9:08 PM, dentist wrote:

Hi James!!

So very nice to see you today.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me today about some possible ways that my family and I can help the community.

I am most sincere in my want to help – and my desire for my children to understand the importance of giving back and helping as well! For their souls and in service of others!

Truly if you have a list of items / clothes and food of some things that the children and families you work with I will do my best to help fulfill those needs. Several of my friends in my children’s school can also help.

Sincerely always,

Jennifer (your 🦷 dentist)

On Jul 24, 2019, at 3:31 PM, James Wogan <jameswogan@berkeley.net> wrote:

Hi Dr. T.

It was good to see you today.

Yours truly,


James Wogan, LCSW

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