Yesterday, I had the chance to take a HOPE (aka formerly homeless) father grocery shopping.
My kids would call this “flexing” or a “humble brag,” but I have to say, this was the best part of my day. I really didn’t have the time or the bandwidth; but I created a carve out. Hunger is real. At the Berkeley Bowl grocery store, we loaded him UP.
He spoke openly his traumatic brain injury (TBI) that exacerbated his health issues and “learning to ask for help, or to accept it when it’s offered.” His son (10) also has special needs, autism. We met last school year when his anxiety and other mental health conditions were flaring up, and he found himself sleeping in a car near Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA. His extended family would take in his son, but on most nights, he slept in his minivan. Three (3) days ago, he moved in to stable housing in Oakland, CA. What a relief.

I appreciate the opportunity to help others. Giving back is good for my mental health and wellness. Dowhatyoulove photo courtesy of someone on google, let me know if it’s yours 🙂

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