When I first heard Dan Harris, he was on podcast with Sam Harris and I thought, “he stole my idea. “ I have used percentages and scale of 1-10 as a therapist since I lived in Tokyo, Japan. I said “8 % happier… “What percent is on you? (ownership question). “On a scale of 1-10, how angry are you?” and things like that for years.

Here was Dan Harris, the f’n host of Good Morning America Weekend Edition (fcol), using the title “10% Happier.” Oh hell no, he’s taking my idea. No wait, we haven’t met…. or had we? (suspicious face hmmmmm)?. I started going over a list of my famous friends (that was quick), the famous people I’ve seen as a therapist (that was quicker), then the parties at the US Embassy, Canadian Consulate, and other high falootin’ places I’ve been over the years. Nope. Nada. We never met. So I concluded, “great minds think alike.” Oh wait, except, the approaches I use in therapy I’ve mostly learned from children and teenagers in schools, patients at Kaiser, rehab, and from my private practice, and um, they don’t actually include meditation. Go figure.

とにかく izureni shitemo (in any case), check out this video by Dan Harris, learn how to meditate in 5 minutes.

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