Ah’nesty is age 5. Size 6-7 in clothes, Size 11 in shoes.  Ta’noa is age 3. Size 5t in clothes and size 10 in shoes.  Their wish list is clothes, sneakers, teddy bears, warm 🧥 coats, blankets, toys of your choice.  “We are just appreciative of anything we receive😊. “    Shared w/ permission from mother, Nakía.   “Ya gotta risk it to get the biscuit and you give me HOPE.” Nakía is women sizeL.  #giveback 

Paypal Directly to Mother: Click here to donate:


Srry, not a nonprofit so no receipt for tax purposes.   This is just a family we know who has been homeless (they slept in a car), they now have stable housing (whew).   Former foster youth with “invisible disabilities.”   

PayPal email: nakiakaisa29@gmail.com

#HOPE Help donation as the holiday season approaches.    Every little bit helps.  

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