Recommended Podcast: Dan Harris interviews Jocelyn K Glei on ABC’s Ten Percent Happier. I came across this in 2019, and listened to it again with my teenage son on January 2, 2020.

I think you’ll like the useful tips for busy professionals. I borrow ideas and tailor some of the advice (giving credit of course) that I learned in this podcast. It’s been especially useful for teachers, educators, social workers, and mental health providers.

Here it is on Spotify:

Here it is on Apple Podcasts:

– Make haste slowly (hurry slowly).

– Good advice on wellness and setting limits amid landslide of email, text, iMessages and advances in technology.

– Productivity vs being busy.

– Align your actions with your values and beliefs

– Stand up for equity. There is no “neutral position.”

– Pursue wellness.

– Define who you are vs. who you are not.

– Oh yeah.

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