Title IX Consent Cards; distributed at High School Wellness Centers, and interactive workshops such as “Green Dot,” designed to prevent sexual assault and harassment.


Not pressured or rushed

Can be withdrawn at any time


expressed clearly 


No confusion

NO always means NO. 

Only YES means YES 


Consent before and during sexual encounter


Discussed more than once. Confirmed at each level of sexual activity

Confirmed again on different days 


All parties are fully informed.  Not impaired by alcohol or drugs.  Not pressured or rushed 


Consent is not assumed from clothing, social media, dancing, or body language 

Sex without consent is a felony (rape). 


Talking openly with each other about consent and sexuality is healthy.  

Mutual consent increases intimacy.  

It’s okay to be unsure, or change your mind. 

Sometimes talking about consent leads teenagers to delay having sex. 

Amid rapidly changing technology and the ever-changing new normal, Title IX, equity, and civil rights call out. Kids know youth culture what it’s like to be a teenager rn. We learn the most from the young people we serve.

Photo credit: Image posted for public to see at Alameda County Office of Education. Srry, I don’t (yet) know the artist’s name.

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